The breadcrumbs I speak of are these undeniable moments of synchronicity in life. The moments of “YES” where your soul and spirit drum from inside you in elation. Here, I’ll share a short story of how I recently discovered one.

I just finished hosting a Weekend of Wellness retreat at…

Recently, I was strolling along an idyllic path at my property, Wonderfield Farm and Grove, and stumbled upon this beautiful bush with pink flowers. My curiosity peaked as I wondered, “what is this beautiful little bush?” Well, thank you to Google Lens, because my curiosity was instantly satiated with a…

A time when the words “social distancing” are a normalcy — we choose to stay home, we choose to do what helps slow the spread of coronavirus, but now what?

My secret sauce: stay positive, get creative, and remember: self care is not selfish!

Stay positive.

Something that’s been keeping a smile…

If you think travel will transform you, you have it all wrong.

You can be transformed through travel, yes, but I want to make the point that the geographic solution of travel is a farce. The deep transformation that travel often allows will actually take place within you, and, ironically…

Tara Lynn Hubbard

I write here, I write there, I write pretty much everywhere. Here, find stories on Travel | Wellness | and lots of water.

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