Follow the Breadcrumbs

Photo shot by Jessica Om at Wonderfield Farm & Grove

The breadcrumbs I speak of are these undeniable moments of synchronicity in life. The moments of “YES” where your soul and spirit drum from inside you in elation. Here, I’ll share a short story of how I recently discovered one.

I just finished hosting a Weekend of Wellness retreat at Wonderfield Farm and Grove this weekend. To say it was magical would be an understatement. The entire event was smooth, seamless, and deeply fulfilling. As far as managing and facilitating events go, this is magic.

The container my co-facilitators and I created for the weekend was a call to our attendees to “restore your wonder” — to settle back into the space of youthful energy, of purity, and of trust before we all learned to feel jaded, beat-down and dull. We inspired this restoration of wonder by providing delicious, gut-healing meals daily, facilitating healing ceremonies, dancing around fires, laughing, wandering in nature, practicing qi gong, yoga, meditation, and gathering with other souls on the path.

This weekend was absolutely splendid, and now, on Monday morning I am still riding that wave. I’ve settled back into the post-retreat “real life”, yet as I sit here, in my usual apartment, on my same couch, on this typical Monday morning something special happened — I discovered another breadcrumb.

I opened up a daily devotional I read in the mornings with my coffee, but had to backtrack to Friday, November 20th as I didn’t bring the devotional with me to retreat. Friday, November 20th was the start of our Weekend of Wellness. Friday, November 20th was the day I shared with a group of retreaters the inspiration to “restore your wonder”. And Friday, November 20th was the day that my devotional also read,

“Let me make this day a celebration of the spirit. There is a part of me that retains a childlike sense of curiosity, wonder, enthusiasm, and delight. I may have lost touch with it, but I know it still exists. I will set my problems to the side for a little while and appreciate what it means to be vitally alive.”

At this moment, my soul and spirit began to drum inside me at a decibel that was impossible to ignore. It felt like every nerve in my body fired up. Chills went down my spine, and my eyes closed. Time stopped, my heart swelled, and yet with eyes closed and watery, everything felt bright.


The breadcrumb is symbolic, it is representative that you are on the path. Keep going. Even if it leads you into the darkest nights you’ve ever felt. Keep going. The next breadcrumb you find you’ll remember. There will be purpose and meaning behind those dark times on the path. Keep going. Listen, feel, and remember how meaningful the breadcrumbs are, so you can muster up the courage to keep going, and find another one.



I write here, I write there, I write pretty much everywhere. Here, find stories on Travel | Wellness | and lots of water.

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Tara Lynn Hubbard

I write here, I write there, I write pretty much everywhere. Here, find stories on Travel | Wellness | and lots of water.