• Nikos Vitorakis

    Nikos Vitorakis

    Out-of-the-box thinker.

  • David Di Sipio

    David Di Sipio

    Psychologist | Experience Designer | Founder @uxpsyc | Coach | My approach is grounded in research, data and ethical practices.

  • The Clumsy Gypsy

    The Clumsy Gypsy

    Long-term low-budget nomad writing about travel mishaps and adventures, relationships, sharing economy, and whatever else strikes my fancy that day.

  • Katie


  • Curt Burk

    Curt Burk

  • Marti Sanchez ✍️

    Marti Sanchez ✍️

    CEO of Influence Podium — a 1-stop personal branding agency for CEOs. I don’t give advice. I just share what I learn along the way. www.influencepodium.com

  • Caitlin Crowe

    Caitlin Crowe

    Caitlin Crowe is a health and wellness coach based in Portland, Maine whose work celebrates community and creativity. www.CaitlinCroweCoaching.com

  • Samantha Bansil

    Samantha Bansil

    Recovering clickbait writer | Tech policy grad @SciencesPo

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